Achieve your environmental goals


No CFC’s or HCFC’s: innovative technology
using a natural refrigerant.

Manufacturers of Environmentally Friendly Artificial Cooling

System LMP
Eco-energetic and air ambiant treatment systems, built today for the  generations of tomorrow

Who we are!

What We Offer

Our expertise:

From the beginning to the end our expert team is there to help you, we design, manufacture, verify throughout the process. Ensuring you that we deliver the best system builds with the best components  that will meet all your needs. Our strength lies in our ability to give you a tailored product thanks to the great expertise of our people and our understanding of the needs of today and tomorrow. With L M P you will have a winning choice and a product that surpasses the requirements of the market.


Energy Savings

Our technology includes several patents that contribute to sustainable development, while cutting significantly on operating costs.



Become a certified installer. All of our employees and certified installers are trained to work with the latest technologies on the market.





4 leading Modules

Purity, Logan, Monarch and Yellowstone modules provide a variety of options to meet your commercial needs. Using our patented technology, all of our modules are built to minimize energy consumption. Protect the environment, and the ambiant air  treatment for a better efficiency.



6 leading modules

Yellowstone, Crystal, Ellysium, Centauri, Kilimanjaro and Clearwater modules offer multiple customizable cooling solutions. All modules are built to minimize energy consumption using our patented technology. Protect the envioronment, and the ambiant air treament for a better efficiency.