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Customized Solutions

Whether you are looking to invest in a new system or to retrofit an existing module, Systemes LMP can customize an environmentally-friendly solution for your business. Whether it’s for commercial or industrial use, our modules function solely using R744 (CO2) and are the only natural refrigerant-based systems that can be adapted for Southern climates as well.

Energy savings ,Reduced Operating Costs, ambiant air treatment .

Control pannel
Our technology includes several patents that contribute to sustainable development, while cutting significantly on operating costs. In addition, the unique procedures developed and tested in our laboratory practically eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions. Our systems enable our customers to achieve the lowest operating costs on the market and to get the quickest return on their investment. Our outstanding reliability equates to less maintenance and fewer repairs than on any other systems. We offer a range of modular solutions to replace synthetic refrigerants that are harmful to the environment with natural secondary fluids.

Engineered in North America

All of our modules are engineered in North America. In order to successfully implement a CO2 system, the following key points are addressed:

  • Cooling strategies and suction groups.
  • Defrost cycles and delays.
  • Type of control strategy.
  • Stable oil circulation.
  • Seasonal temperatures.
  • Energy consumption in a transcritical phase.
  • Heat reclaiming and dehumidification strategies.
  • Correct line sizing to minimize all pressure drops.

We can guide you through the design process to ensure that you reach your energy saving and environmental goals.

Intellectual properties

Our Patents

– Mechanical Subcooling of Transcritical R744 refrigeration systems with heat pump, heat reclaim and floating head pressure
– Refrigeration system with heat reclaim and with floating condensing pressure
– Air circulating method and device
– Refrigeration defrost system
– Heat reclaim refrigeration system and method
– Dual refrigerant refrigeration system and method
– Refrigeration system having adjustable refrigeration capacity
– Defrost system and method for a subcritical cascade R-744 refrigeration system


Testing facilities

Systemes LMP are innovators in CO2 and slurry refrigeration. All of our technologies have been put to the test in our own research facility before being brought onto the market. All controllers and valves are tested in our laboratory to make sure they are reliable and work efficiently. Our research team works meticulously to continue to develop new technologies that will meet the evolving needs of our clients.